(potential copy for the big image: 
Design & Conquer
Ready, Set, Impress
Keep calm & carry your brand on (too long)
Structure, Design, Impress
There’s an I in Impress (feels really corny)

Your website is an amazing marketing tool!
Unlike social media, you have the freedom to structure your offerings any way you like and tailor them to your audience with the help of vast marketing tools.

Your potential client just clicked on the “Learn More” button… How exciting! Now what?
Here are VECTO.CC’s top 3 tips:

1) Don’t keep them waiting! Make sure your page loads quickly enough on all platforms and there are no broken links.

2) Show them what they came for. Don’t make them scroll through your whole life story and service list.

3) Introduce your brand’s personality. It’s so much more than choosing colors and adding images. Your whole website speaks for your brand and you get to set the tone! Make it interesting and help it sell your services.

Sounds exciting, right? here are the next steps:

websites portfolio

This vibrant cake design studio offers in-person and online classes, using Woocommerce. (Designed and built on WordPress)

Felicity Kay is sharing her vast knowledge on content writing and entrepreneurship, offering an online course library on this vibrant website with lots of personality. (Designed and built on WordPress)

Naomi Zelwer is a Minimalism expert and her website structure and aesthetic reflects her brand’s values. (Designed and built on Wix)

Bridie Castiel is a marketing media strategist, she often posts useful tips and online courses for her followers. (Designed and built on Wix)

ESN Israel is an exclusive networking group for English Speaking entrepreneurs, with multiple branches and face to face  / online meetings that can be booked through the website. 

Landman Strategic Fundraising helps companies and non-profits with fundraising, strategy and more. The goal of the design was to stand out from other non-profit themed websites.


#nofilter - website rebranding

Ideal Candidates: Business owners that have all the necessary content on their current website but could use a strong, branded look and better use of design elements across all the pages.

How this works: 
After we examine your current website and branding and decide together what stays and what goes, you’ll be presented with 2 branding options and we’ll outline the steps to implementing the new branding across the website. 

Price: Starting with 2000nis + v.a.t

Relevant Platforms: WordPress + Elementor, Wix

Hello World! - Design & development of your brand new website

Ideal Candidates: Business owners that already have branding and a logo and have some or all the content for their new website.

How this works: 
We’ll go over the branding and the content, discuss the structure of each page and the necessary add-ons and page-by-page, VECTO.CC will create your brand new, mobile-friendly website.

Price: Starting with 3500nis + v.a.t

Relevant Platforms: WordPress + Elementor, Wix.

One is all you need - one-pagers for new businesses

Ideal Candidates: Business owners that already have branding and a logo and need a short and sweet one-page website that they can start promoting and later on expand.

How this works: 
We’ll go over the branding and the content and decide on the best way to showcase your content and services. 

Price: Starting with 1500nis + v.a.t

Relevant Platforms: WordPress + Elementor, Wix.

wrap it to go - ecommerce websites

Ideal Candidates: Businesses with a service / product that wish to eliminate the middleman (Eventbrite, Etsy, etc) and use their own website to promote and sell their goods.

How this works: 
We’ll go over the branding and discuss the structure of the most important pages (home page, shop, etc), as well as the specific elements and plug-ins that would help your website perform in the best possible way to sell your product. 

Price: Starting with 4000nis + v.a.t

Relevant Platforms: WordPress + Elementor

No, since the price is based on each individual project.

Hosting and domain, maintenance.

The best platform for your website depends on various factors, we’re happy to help you choose prior to the development.